About Us

We will always continue to move our business forward by reaching out to grab onto what’s new as we hold onto the values that have made us successful. Since we are a part of a fashion industry, we believe our salon should reflect what’s trending and we  work hard to stay abreast of the latest styles and trends.

Moving forward, we will stay committed to our goal to always deliver beautiful results to your hair by offering professional advice and services. That’s why we’ll continue to represent J Beverly Hills, a line of superior hair care products and hair color. J Beverly Hills hair color leaves a translucent rather than opaque finish, allowing for natural shading. The home hair care products are the perfect companion to our hair color services, protecting and nourishing your hair for longer lasting results. J Beverly Hill’s newest addition, the Platinum Line, is a line of luxury products. Be sure to check it out for the ultimate experience in pampering your hair.

We’re proud of our team approach when it comes to your hair. We consult with other team members to offer you the best solutions. We also accommodate busy life styles by offering same day service, Tuesday through Friday, or sharing your service between stylists, upon your agreement. This would not be possible without a committed staff who spends time on continuing education. We each pursue the latest available information from our manufactures and are all on the same page when it comes to what’s best for your hair. We also record your color formulas in our computer system, however each stylist has his/her unique artistic approach and we know you’ll find one with whom you can connect.

Keeping up with what’s current in the beauty industry keeps us moving forward but the values that have made us successful will never change, like the friendliness of our professional staff. Our commitment to continuing education and customer service is always first in our business and YOU are the reason we come to work. We look forward to serving you in the future.